Day 7: Suppliers

I know it’s been ages since I last posted. I got quite into teaching again. Hihi. Anyway…

Where We Left Off

When we got to The Wedding Store in Tagaytay, Ms. Lourdes was not around. We were told that she accompanied another couple to check out a reception venue. However, the other Account Executives who were around were very accommodating.  One guy (I forgot his name, but I remember he looks like a gay Andrew Garfield hehe) showed us package rates for Town’s Delight.  Ryan and I were overwhelmed by all the food choices available in the 50-person package (they call it The Love Taste Menu), but considering the rate that they gave us (and the positive reviews from other couples), we decided that it wasn’t such a bad deal. Personally, I was vying for K by Cunanan since most of the weddings I’ve attended were catered by her, and I loved everything that I’ve tasted. I inquired but I was told that it would cost me more if the number of guests was less than a hundred. I was so bummed.

The food tasting for Town’s Delight is done from Mondays through Thursdays only at the Republic of Cavite Restaurant in Trece Martires, Cavite, which is super far, so Ryan and I really had to prepare for it. My entry on the food tasting session would be in a different blog entry. Bottom line is, we already booked Town’s Delight. 🙂

Being able to book three major suppliers – Chapel on the Hill, Rosemont Gardens and Town’s Delight – in such a short span of time was a huge accomplishment, and that only left us with the following on our checklist:

  1. Officiating priest
  2. Photographer
  3. Videographer
  4. Designer
  5. On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator
  6. Quartet/Band
  7. Emcee
  8. Florist
  9. Hair and Make-Up Artist

And so far, we’ve booked 6 out of the 9 on the list (yay!!!) and I’ll blog about them soon. Ta-ta! 😀


Day 6: Ocular V2.0

Please bear with me with the intermittent posting because I’m only squeezing this into everything else (i.e. organizing school programs and events, wedding planning, making lesson plans and teaching). Hehe.

After our rather disappointing trip to Batangas, I voiced out my frustration to my best friend. Good thing she still keeps a document of all the possible wedding venues in Tagaytay, which she used last year for her own wedding planning.  I checked out the websites of those in her list, and the only venues that caught my attention were Balai Taal and Rosemont Gardens.  My best friend and her husband had their reception at Balai Taal.  After acquiring their package rates, though, Ryan and I decided that their lowest price was out of our budget.  So, that left us with Rosemont Gardens.  Also, I’ve read in The Rebellious Brides that one of their top suggestions for an intimate wedding was Sonya’s Garden.  I ended up having only two venues on my list that night, which excludes, of course, our church of choice – Chapel on the Hill.

Balai Taal Photo credit:

Balai Taal
Photo credit:

Rosemont Gardens Photo credit:

Rosemont Gardens
Photo credit:

We went to Tagaytay on the last week of May.  This time, we were accompanied by one of my bridesmaids and her boyfriend.  Prior to our trip to Tagaytay, I had a text conversation with one supplier, thinking that she was the contact person of Hardin ni Maria.  As it turned out, she was a Wedding Steward of Town’s Delight Caterer, a rather prominent caterer in Cavite.  After I apologized for getting the wrong number, she still continued to text me and started to help me out with the venue.  I learned that her name’s Ms. Lourdes Hernando, and after giving her my e-mail address, she sent me a list of suggestions of garden venues perfect for 50 persons.  She even offered to accompany us in the venues when I told her that we would be in the area the following day.  She was very accommodating, I loved her! 😀

We went to Chapel on the Hill first.  Our timing couldn’t have been better since there was an ongoing wedding.  Actually, the bride was about to walk up the stairs and onto the aisle when we arrived.  It was perfect.  Ryan and I both felt that that was it.  We definitely wanted to get married there. 🙂

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

After acquiring a reservation form, contact and bank details of Chapel on the Hill, we went to Sonya’s Garden next.  Sonya’s Garden is no doubt the perfect choice for a couple who’s on a very tight budget.  The venue rental is P10,000, and the food package costs P650-950 per person.  If you want to add lights and sounds, it’ll only cost you P7,000-9,000.  The menu and other inclusions can be found here.

Sonya's Garden Photo credit:

Sonya’s Garden
Photo credit:

I wanted to love Sonya’s Garden in all its ethereal woodland beauty, but they weren’t offering any outdoor venue, which really bummed me out.  The venue for 50 persons that they showed us looked beautiful but I personally felt uncomfortable inside.  I felt like I was suffocating.

There was only Rosemont Gardens left on our list.  At first I wasn’t sure if it was the place for us because venue rental is P50,000 alone.  The upside, though, is the price already includes an overnight stay at the house where I, my family and friends can prep for the wedding.  (We’ve decided that Ryan’s family can stay at Evercrest Golf Club Resort, near Chapel on the Hill.)

Anyway, as we got to Rosemont, the caretaker opened the gate and told us we could only park either by the roadside or risk the steep road leading to the house.  That was a bummer.  When we walked down to the house, however, my heart skipped a beat.

At the back of the gorgeous two-storey house was a veranda that had a bar.  Then beyond that was a multi-tiered garden.  I asked the caretaker, Jovelyn, if wedding receptions were held at the gardens.  She told me it was unusual since guests usually prefer the veranda for the reception and the gardens for Christian wedding ceremonies, and that we would be the first couple to use the gardens as reception area if we ever decided to hold it there.  I got so excited and instantly pointed out where the buffet table and guests’ tables would be set up, and the bohemian-rustic decors in my mind suddenly became more vivid.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures since I was too busy ogling the place.  Tee hee. 🙂

After checking out the rest of the gardens and the house, Ryan and I knew we had finally found our reception venue!  Even my friend and her boyfriend loved the place. 😀

We went to The Wedding Store in Robinson’s Tagaytay to meet with Ms. Lourdes, with whom I promised to meet up after our ocular because she offered to help us out with suppliers for food, flowers, sound system and a band.  How our meeting went will be up in the next entry. 😀

Day 5: Ocular

Ryan and I decided to take advantage of the free time we had left before classes resumed on June 9.  Our original plan was a beach reception.  Boracay was the top option, but because we’re on a tight budget, we have to make do with whatever’s closer to us.  So, we went to Laiya, Batangas with Ryan’s best man, and checked out the following resorts based on this blog entry.

  1. Acuatico
  2. Acuaverde
  3. Virgin Beach Resort

We checked out Virgin Beach Resort first because the blogger mentioned that it was the best one.  Like what she said, the resort had the widest beach front.  The place was very serene (which we loved), and they had a little chapel by the beach, but neither Ryan nor I felt that it was the one.  We moved on to the neighboring resorts, Acuatico and Acuaverde.  Both resorts looked more modern, hence attracting more tourists.  True enough, there were a lot of them when we got there, and we didn’t want to risk having a lot of topless strangers on our wedding photos if we had our reception there.  He he.

We decided to check out other resorts (whose names I’ve already forgotten) in the area. By noon time, I was getting frustrated that we still haven’t found the perfect reception venue, so Ryan and I decided to execute Plan B – Tagaytay.

Our first stop, Club Balai Isabel.

I’ve been to Club Balai Isabel in 2008 and I was mesmerized by it.  The place was HUGE, and it was the closest view I had of Taal.  My second time wasn’t any different, especially that the resort has made a lot of improvements over the years.  While Ryan and his best man toured the place, I talked to one of their Account Executives (AE), Mr. Ian Lalusan.  He showed me a customized package for 50-60 guests, and I knew I was sold.  The package that he showed me already included the reception area, the villas for the wedding preps, the food (by Juan Carlo), and the sound system.  It seemed perfect since that left us with very few suppliers to worry about.

After chatting him up a bit more, he then showed us the resort’s wedding reception areas.  He took us to the garden reception area, the beach front, and the one in the middle of a small forest.  The garden was very beautiful, but Ryan and I thought it would be too big for our number of guests.  The beach front was perfect, since that was what we were aiming for in the first place.  The forest-themed area was also nice but it was rather hot, and we worried about bugs.  Ian also showed us their chapel.  It was very nice, but unfortunately, holding wedding ceremonies there isn’t allowed by the parish of Talisay, Cavite.

We decided to eat our lunch in their restaurant, and the food tasted great.  After that, I felt so elated that we had finally found the perfect reception venue.

When we got home, I told the news to my parents, and decided to make a down payment the following day.  However, I tried to contact Mr. Ian Lalusan a couple of times through mobile and e-mail, and did not receive a single reply.  I tried him again the following day, and the same thing happened.  I was so pissed that a client like me who was so eager to book the place right away wasn’t given the time of day.  I had to call their main office, and asked to hand me over to a different AE.  The lady whom I talked to (sorry I forgot her name) addressed all my concerns.  A few minutes after talking to her, my phone rang.  Lo and behold, it was Ian.  I told him off and he casually said “Ay, sorry naman,” like I was just a drinking buddy.  THE FUCKING NERVE ON THAT GUY.  It seriously turned me off.

Ryan asked me if I desperately wanted the venue, because if I was treated that badly, they didn’t deserve us.  After calming down and thinking about it, I realized that Ryan was right, so we decided to call off the reservation.  Thank God, we hadn’t deposited the down payment yet.

In conclusion, we had to keep looking for a reception venue.  This time, it was Tagaytay. 🙂


Day 4: Pamamanhikan

Pamamanhikan is a tradition in the Philippines wherein the groom and his parents formally ask for the bride’s hand in marriage.  Although I’ve already said yes to Ryan when he asked me to marry him, the pamamanhikan that occurred was just a formality.

Ryan’s and my parents finally met last Saturday for lunch.  We didn’t get to talk much about the wedding since Ryan’s parents were quite in a hurry.  We only got to talk about where we plan to hold the ceremony and the reception, which is in Batangas, and how many guests we plan on inviting, which is 50.  We’re set on that number since we really want our wedding to be an intimate one, not to mention our budget, which is roughly P500,000.  With regard to the venue, Ryan and I decided to have the reception at a beach.  Since having it in Boracay would really cost us, we scratched that one on our list, and since our guests would be coming from Manila, Subic or Zambales would be farther, so Batangas was the most feasible choice.  Our parents mostly gave us advice on weddings, marriage and choosing our principal sponsors.  I had no idea that the last part would be too hard.

I’ve done my research and from what I’ve gathered, the bride and groom and their parents usually talk about more details of the wedding, and that includes expenses.  Our parents didn’t talk numbers because quite frankly, that seems a bit tasteless.  Instead, Ryan and I opted to talk to them separately.  Even though we have our savings, our parents still offered to chip in, which is really great news.

Anyway, we’re planning on doing an ocular in Batangas in the coming weeks, to get a first-hand feel of the place, and to see if it feels right.  I’ll post again about our options for the chapels and resorts once we’ve scoured the place.  We’re very excited about it. 🙂


Day 3: Planning with Mom

I think my mother and I just had our first day of wedding planning. It was actually nice seeing her get all worked up like that because we rarely talk about girly stuff. When I was a kid, my dad was always the one who would take me shopping, and that’s probably the reason for my tomboy phase.  Heh.

Anyway, as we got around to talking about motifs, I instantly told her that I’d want blush, champagne and navy to get that intimate and relaxed vibe as the wedding would take place at the beach.  She had so many questions but I won’t elaborate.

Since I told her that Ryan and I are working on a very tight budget, she suggested two things. First, that we buy the cloth instead and ask my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors to have it sown at their preferred seamstress; and second, that we look for a seamstress that would accept at least Php1,200/dress.  I’m okay either way.  If my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors preferred to buy ready-to-wear dresses then that would be fine, too. 🙂

For the final palette, I mentioned it in my last entry – navy for the maid of honor, blush pink for the bridesmaids and champagne for the secondary sponsors.  I have yet to decide on the principal sponsors.


This is how the champagne color would look like up close, I hope.

This is how the champagne color would look like up close, I hope.

Length of the dress on the right looks better, and I actually like the sash.

Length of the dress on the right looks better, and I actually like the sash.

This style looks very sophisticated.

This style looks very sophisticated.


This is what blush pink actually looks like.

This is what blush pink actually looks like.

But I'm thinking more of having the dresses in this shade.

But I’m thinking more of having the dresses in this shade.

Second dress from the left.

Second dress from the left.

I live for laces and sash. <3

I live for laces and sash. ❤

This would actually look better on my Matron of Honor, but I think the dress is prettier in this color than navy.

This would actually look better on my Matron of Honor, but I think the dress is prettier in this color than navy.

I almost had this made for prom but decided it would look better on my wedding.  Hihi.  Instead of the black sash, I'd go with champagne.

I almost had this made for prom but decided it would look better on my wedding. Hihi. Instead of the black sash, I’d go with champagne.


I love the shade but I think this style is more suitable for an indoor wedding.

I love the shade but I think this style is more suitable for an indoor wedding.


Perhaps in this style, minus the navy sash and have it in champagne instead? :)

Perhaps in this style, minus the navy sash and have it in champagne instead? 🙂

I love this style as well but with longer length and again, with champagne sash. :)

I love this style as well but with longer length and again, with champagne sash. I love the draping on the front. 🙂

I love the style of this for my matron of honor, plus it'd appear more magical in navy. :)

I love the style of this for my matron of honor (minus the petticoat), and I think it’d appear more magical in navy. 🙂

That’s all for now.  I just consulted with my groom-to-be about what he wants to wear for himself and for his groomsmen, so that’s probably what my next post would be about.  Hihi.  By the way, I randomly chose photos from Pinterest, as always. 😉

Day 2: Motif

Ryan and I have been debating about the motif.  At first I suggested black.  He politely rejected the idea so I added in the gold touch, which he enthusiastically went along with.  A black and gold motif is sophisticated and elegant, we thought, but then it would seem too “heavy” and extravagant for an intimate wedding.

gold and black motif

Then I asked myself which colors Ryan and I wouldn’t really mind laying our eyes on, and voila! Blush, cream, champagne and pale gold.  Aside from being relaxing on the eyes, Ryan has only seen me wear these colors at formal events because they’re few of the colors I actually like on my skin tone, thanks to my mom who introduced the dusty pink/pale old rose/blush to me, and to my sister-in-law for putting champagne into my color vocabulary.

I came across this color palette first at Pinterest.  Gold really does scream extravagance, doesn’t it?  We could do away with the gold and tone it down a notch.  Maybe pale gold or champagne will do.

gold and blush

However, this may appear too feminine for Ryan and his friends, so why not throw in a black for them? Eh? Eh? 😉

gold blush black

Navy isn’t too bad either.  The idea of incorporating navy into my wedding has been playing in my head ever since I started thinking about these things.  Heh.  In fact, I’ve always loved the navy color that it occupies more than half of my closet space.

navy and blush

blush champagne navy

Hmm… this could actually work.  I’ll have my maid of honor wear the navy, my bridesmaids blush and the secondary sponsors champagne. Aaaah, a girl can dream. 🙂

Day 1: Game Face On

February 23, 2014

Ryan and I have finally been *seriously* talking about our wedding plans.  While he worries about having “the final talk” with my dad, my head is swirling with wedding ideas.  Is that unfair?  Heh.  Since we’ve realized that we’re on a (very) tight budget, an extravagant wedding is not going to happen.  Well, it wasn’t what I’ve been dreaming of anyway.  We figured we’d just be surrounded by people whom we really care about and who care about us just as much.  Even the idea of a hundred people is too much for us.

I’ll try to post some photos with my wedding journal entries as I go along this journey.

First off, my best friend suggested that Ryan and I attend as much wedding fairs as we possibly can.  We’re still trying to decide which ones to go to since we barely have time to go out lately, with him managing our school canteen while I manage all the non-academic activities in school.  So far, what I have in my checklist (without consulting anyone or any blog yet), are the following:

  • Church (and the priest)
  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Band
  • Wedding gown
  • Bridesmaids’ gowns

With the church, we’re not yet sure because we haven’t decided where to hold the wedding – whether in the city or out of town.  With out of town weddings, though, suppliers from the city tend to be tricky with their fees.  We have yet to decide on that, but we talked about the ambiance of the reception venue and decided on somewhere quiet and intimate.

What I have in mind though is to have it either at the beach or in a garden.  Since we’ll only invite our closest friends and family members, the idea is to not have a full-on program, and make the reception feel like our usual “drinking sessions” instead, but of course, more “refined”.  Heh.


I’ve had this photo in my computer for almost 2 years, grabbed it from Pinterest, because I’ve always wanted a Midsummer Night’s feel in any occasion.  Tee hee.  Anyway, this, I think, is perfect.  It’s intimate.  Although I hate the centerpieces because they defeat the purpose [of intimacy].  I’d rather have like little candles or flowers, anything but these.  I’d also like just one long table, and Ryan and I will sit with all our guests, instead of having this set-up.  Aside from dinner, the speeches and the band, I’d like everything else to happen spontaneously.  I can already picture everyone getting along, laughing, drinking and what not. Perfect. 🙂

As for the catering, I’ve been to a few weddings in the past 5 years and the couples have been hiring the same supplier – K by Cunanan.  They used to be Ryan’s neighbor in Mandaluyong, so he knows OF the family pretty well.  With all those weddings, I haven’t eaten a single course that I did not like, so I’m pretty much decided on K.

Next on my list is the band.  Ever since I’ve heard of the Johnoy-Kakoi team-up, I knew who I’d want to perform on my wedding night.  Here’s a video of them performing U2’s All I Want Is You at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. Pardon the video quality but just listen to their rendition.  Perfect.

When my best friend started planning for her wedding, I googled some inspirations for my own.  The right wedding dress hasn’t presented itself to me until a month ago when I found Grace Loves Lace.  I fell in love with the Loren dress.  From the invisible neckline to the applique – the delicateness of it all.  All the details I desire in a dress are here.  The Emme-waisted comes in close second, though. 🙂

Grace Loves Lace-Loren Dress

Loren Dress_neckline

That’s all for now.  I’ll try to update this blog as often as possible. 🙂